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A message from our Chairman:

"2015 is proving to be an outstanding year for the Newtech Group and I am delighted by the progress made and the deal pipeline achieved by the team. We have seen our panels of buyers and sellers steadily increasing over the last fourty years as a result of some great work by the team and referrals from our trading partners, and we hope to build on the excellent platform created. If you would like to share in our success, and you are a buyer or seller of commodities looking to close more deals, then please do contact us any of the team and we would be delighted to hear from you. Thank you."

Are you looking for a trusted, professional partner to help buy or sell commodities? Do you want to close more deals? If you do, please contact Newtech Group today and take advantage of our vast experience and our professional, reliable approach. By working with our experienced team we establish the essential deal criteria for you and then match you with a trading partner from our exclusive panels of buyers and sellers.

With Newtech Group you close more deals and waste less time. We help with due diligence to ensure that you are only working with ready, willing and able partners. Find out more about the benefits, philosophy and unique approach of Newtechby visiting our About Uspage. Have a look through our website and discover how working with Newtechas a genuine partner can help you close more deals. To find out more, please contact us today.

As well as a panel of RWA sellers, we have a panel of over 20 international buyers actively seeking commercially attractive deals Crude Oil, Refined Fuels, Aviation Fuels, Diesel Fuels, Bitumen, LNG and LPG.

Business is more than profit

Of course every business is looking for profit; but to create high level business much more is necessary than simply the intention of making profit.

First of all you need a good team that is creative and will stand behind everything they do.

Secondly and perhaps more importantly the necessity to establish good partnerships with reliable partners who you can count on. This is important in every area of our business; not only the Sellers, Buyers and intermediaries but also the Bankers and Investors must be aware that it is not always smooth sailing. So we need people we can trust to do what is needed and to go the extra distance and work together as a team to surmount all that comes.

Finally we all need to know that we are contributing to the benefit of the earth and humanity, this is what makes it enjoyable and highly rewarding. Consequently Newtech Industrial Group's policies are focused on long term business in the Oil and Gas Trading Market as well as developing and supporting strategies and solutions for Biofuels and Green Energy that are ecologically sound.

Environmental Protection is a strong part of Newtech Industrial Group's business mindset not only in the current business we do on a day to day basis but also we seek to find and participate in better ways of protecting the environment. Such as being involved in the development of new environment centred technologies like using Phytoremediation to reclaim polluted oil mud fields. Carbon sequestration in forests that can grow in arid and previously unusable land. Supporting the development of Biofuel plants that will also grow in these arid areas where food cultivation is not possible.
Newtech Industrial Group sees that the human being stands in the middle of the environment around him and you can not separate one from the other.

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About Us

Historically the Group started activity in 1974 in England as Anglo Petrol Oil Trading Ltd., which merge in 1998 with Newtech Marketing Network (UK) Ltd. Since 2007 the Headquarter are in Australia.




We pride ourselves as a service delivery company with emphasis on quality for ultimate customer satisfaction in the following fields....




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