Historically the Group started activity in 1974 in England as Anglo Petrol Oil Trading Ltd., which merge in 1998 with Newtech Marketing Network (UK) Ltd. Since 2007 the Headquarter are in Australia.

Originally founded as New Technology Marketing Network, the idea was to introduce new technologies through a global network to the market. It evolved to "Newtech Marketing Network" under which we traded for many years.

During years of market activity, implementation of new partnerships, joint ventures and participation in new business opportunities, the Newtech Group has had a presence in four specific business areas, acting with a world class team, on a global scale:

  • Trading of oil, oil derivates and other energy sources (LNG, LPG), refining of crude oil;

  • Development and implementation of renewable energy sources;

  • Trading of base materials (Base Oil, Greece, urea, etc.);

  • Value added services (insurance, shipping and logistical services,

  • Engineering capability in refining projects, etc.).

Newtech's objective is to become market leader in at least two of these four areas.

Currently the company’s primary focus is in the Oil and Gas sector. Newtech Group through its extensive network secures proven suppliers and locates capable buyers to take delivery of Gas, Oil and Oil Products.

Our Mission

To offer total network infrastructure solution by proffering an efficient and robust solution that will meet both the immediate and future needs of our teaming customers.

Our approach is simple – we refuse to compromise when it comes to quality. We set our standards very high and then we aim to surpass them. We do this by investing in the continuous training of our staffs and by building a team that is knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring that we exceed the needs of our customers. We are committed to reliability in all that we do. Reliable solutions, Reliable services and Reliable relationships.


Our Vision

To become a clear leader in network infrastructure solution from Australia. This we hope to achieve by constantly meeting the needs of our numerous customers in terms of quality services, competitive pricing, building an outstanding relationship with our teaming customers and timely delivery of services while our staffs are also made to train and re-train in order to meet the ever growing and ever dynamic needs of our customers.
Our Goals

We develop standards and set goals that help contribute to our success and our customer satisfaction in the following ways:

  • To provide quality services and competitive prices for our customers. 

  • To build lasting relationships that our customers can rely on.

  • To develop solutions that will meet the needs of our customers.

  • To continually ensure timely delivery of customer service & to budget

  • To make ourselves available for our customers at all times.

To continually train & re-train our staffs to be updated in knowledge.

Our Difference

We stand out from other competitions because, we have self motivated, committed and dedicated staffs. Our staffs work together as a team at every stage so that no detail is left unchecked. We are meticulous and thorough, knowledgeable and friendly, talented and innovative. Our dedication to streamlining the design process enables us to render quality services efficiently and effectively. Our staffs are reliably competent and dynamically resourceful.

Quality Commitment

We are committed to exceeding the solution and service expectations of our customers by providing complete, reliable solutions, services and support. Because all our solutions, equipments and materials are designed and manufactured by the most recognized top companies in the world who are also our partners, we can assure that we have control over quality at all stages of implementation.

Easy To Buy From

We strive for customer satisfaction, timely delivery of customer services without compromising quality, working within customer budget, cost competitiveness and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. It means delighting the customers each and every time, responding rapidly to customer needs, and following up on how well those needs were met.

Renewable energy is one of the most important business fields of the future in which Newtech Group is already active, and is currently co-operating on a number of projects. In doing so, the Group assists those of our partners who wish to move away from dependence on fossil fuels, and invest instead in sustainable energy sources for the future. Environmentally friendly processes are thus one of the key criteria for the selection of suppliers by Newtech Group.
The primary objective is long-term relationships based on continuity and co-operation with partners. The Newtech Group seeks to establish a Joint Venture with its partners so as to utilise resources and marketing of products in the most efficient way thereby sharing the workload and the profits. This approach is to the advantage of small and medium-sized suppliers by securing for them a better position on world markets, but also ensures optimal returns for larger producers.


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