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Newtech Refining: refining and the Marketing for the refined products such as Bitumen, Diesel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, granulate etc.

Shipping Service: Since 2006 Newtech has also offered Shipping contracts to their customers after a long relationship with several shipping companies.

  • Planning and sale of Refineries: In connection with international Engineering Offices  Newtech offers a large range of opportunities such as planning, transport, renovation,  modernization, or reconstruction of old refineries. Newtech specializes in Micro and Mini  refineries which can be used as single Refinery units or can be joined together.
  • Management Services for Refineries: Newtech also has the opportunity to offer complete  Management Services and a full range of employees for running a refinery inclusive of  education and Management Systems. If necessary, also the delivery of the crude and the  resale of the end products.

  • Storage: One of Newtech’s future projects will be the storage of oil and oil-products,  therefore the Group plans to buy or build the necessary storage facilities.

    Environment/Conservation: Newtech is aware of the danger to the environment from the trading and transport of oil and its products and requires on all projects “world's best practise”. The Group is also involved in research and development in the area of environmental contamination.

There are two main projects, one to quickly secure oil leaks from pipelines and the other to bind residual oil after an oil spill.

  • Urea/Granulate: Starting 2006 already a new business activity of Newtech is the trade of Urea as well as of Granulate for synthetic material.

  • Financing: Together with his International Partners, Private Investors and Banks, Newtech offers also the Financing for his projects

To ensure smooth progress and development with minimum complications Newtech Group has established a wide-ranging network of partnerships and agencies in virtually all important production centres, oil terminals, ports and markets. This enables a greater control during fulfilment of contracts worldwide.


Petro Lima Oil Trading Ltd

1974 Petro Lima Oil Trading Ltd (merged with Newtech in 1998) is founded by Les Guilliet and Daniel Smith as an engineering consultancy to the oil industry for the exploration and development of oil fields.

1978/79 Petro Lima Oil Trading Ltd enters oil trading with the sale of lubricants and additives.

1981/82 Petro Lima Oil Trading Ltd broadens its focus by facilitating or brokering oil contracts.

1985/86 Petro Lima Oil Trading Ltd branches into fuel oils.

1989 Gasoline and semi-finished products are added by Petro Lima Oil Trading Ltd to it’s portfolio.

1990 Crude oil and the entire spectrum of petroleum products are now actively traded by Petro Lima Oil Trading Ltd.

1998 Les Guilliet dies of heart failure; Petro Lima Oil Trading Ltd and Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. merge.

SCC International Trading S.A

1984 SCC International Trading S.A. founded by Dirk Bochmann, Lewis Nagel, and Rudiger Lutz as a general trading company, but focuses more and more on oil and petroleum products.

1990 SCC International Trading S.A. sets up in Los Angeles, and takes over the motor vehicle importer-exporter, Suncoast Classics, Germany.

1991 SCC International Trading S.A. acquires Microcare Inc (USA), a producer of high-performance mainframe computers.

1992 SCC International Trading S.A. enters the freight business.

1993 SCC International Trading S.A. co-operates with MC Consulting Inc to establish a Miami-registered marketing outlet for mobile telephones.

1994 SCC International Trading S.A. acquires from Antel Communications Inc the rights to market its mobile telephones in Europe.

1995 SCC International Trading S.A. disposes of its mobile telephone interests; Dirk Bochmann takes his leave as an executive.


Newtech Marketing Network Ltd

1996 Founding of Newtech Marketing Network Ltd by Dirk Bochmann, and its subsequent takeover of SCC International Trading S.A with primary business focus now on commodities, especially crude oil and petroleum products, but also other minerals.

1997 Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. becomes the German partner of Petro Lima Oil Trading Ltd, and handles the marketing of its products

1998 Merger of Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. and Petro Lima following the death of Les Guilliet.

1999 Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. sustains enormous losses when suppliers in Latin America and Russia respectively forge shipping documents and fail to deliver.

2000 Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. and HSGZ GbR form a JV to enter the market for natural gas with the latter assuming the financing role.

2001 Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. begins to trade in liquid natural and petroleum gases (LNG & LPG).

2002 A black year for Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. with 9/11 resulting in the cancellation of diverse jet fuel supply contracts and the imposition of restrictions on investments by Arabs in foreign companies or participation by them in speculative deals.

2003 Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. and ESBO Gas AG form a joint venture for the marketing of natural gas in Europe.

2003 Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. and DJ International form a JV for the marketing of LPG and petroleum products in Asia and for this purpose Newtech Marketing Network (M) Ltd. is established in Labuan (Malaysia).

2003 Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. loses heavily as a result of the invasion of Iraq, since many supply contracts fail. As a result of this war, Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. is obliged to undergo restructuring.

2003 Cooperation with Rosneft International (Japan) Ltd. begins. (Please note Rosneft International Japan Ltd. is not related to Rosneft Russia)

2004 Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. and Unitrade International Ltd (Dubai) form a joint venture for the marketing of petroleum products in Arabian countries.

2004 Dissolution of the JV with ESBO Gas AG after enormous losses in the gas sector from which Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. withdraws.

2004 Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. forms JV with Acorn Petroleum S.A. Durban under the name Newtech-Acorn Petroleum Ltd.

2005 Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. and Rosneft International (Japan) form a JV and found Newtech Marketing Network (HK) Ltd.

2006 New JV-Partner, joined the Network, Eurokuranz Lichtenstein and ETS Dubai for the LNG and LPG Market. Newtech started working with Impex Australia Pty Ltd and their partner OOO Manis Russia to export REBCO from Russia.

2006 End of 2006 the Newtech starts operations in the shipping Business as shipping Agent. It is beginning to handle all types of cargoes and sizes.

2007 January: Newtech Marketing Network Ltd. and Constructors Technical Services Co. LLC starts their Cooperation.

2007 February: Newtech Industrial Group Pty. Ltd. Australia is founded as world Headquarters of the Network.

2007 September, the whole Newtech Group is restructured. The Management is changed. Control of the Newtech Group changes from Hong-Kong to Australia.

Newtech Marketing Network (UK) Ltd. is responsible for Sales and Purchasing of all long term contracts.

Newtech Petrogas International Ltd. is responsible for handling the Processing Business and Spot Deal Business.

Newtech Marketing Network (HK) Ltd. is responsible for the Marketing and establishment of new technologies.

Newtech Petrogas Dubai LLC. a proposed new Company which is currently in planning, will be responsible for the Arabian Market, searching for new sources.

NEWTECH INDUSTRIAL GROUP PTY. LTD. will have overall control of all of the above subsidiary companies and responsibility for all transactions and administrative work.

From September 2007 on, the entire Representative Network is restructured. All previous Mandates and/or Representative Authorizations are cancelled. All new Mandates will be listed on the upcoming Company Web-Site.

2008 February: the Newtech Group stop the Cooperation with Extimus Inc.

2008 March: starts of Cooperation with Mr. Saleem Khan from Pacific Sands Inc.

2008 April: Newtech Industrial Group Pty. Ltd. starts in the Saudi Crude Oil processing Business.

2008 May: start of Cooperation between Newtech Industrial Group Pty. Ltd. and Corporate Traders Limited as Financial Partner.

2008 June: Corporate Traders Limited opens their new Office in Hong-Kong and start to Represent Newtech Industrial Group Pty. Ltd. in Asia.

2008 November: resolution to move the German Main German Office to Berlin.

2008 December: Fredy Spadaro leaves Newtech Industrial Group Pty. Ltd. as Director because of personal reasons. Also, in the same month, Newtech Industrial Group Pty. Ltd. start negotiations for a Joint Venture in Biofuel Business.

2009 January: Newtech Industrial Group Pty. Ltd. has opened their new Representative Office in the Centre of Berlin at Pariser Platz 4a, directly beside the French Embassy. Newtech Industrial Group Pty. Ltd. and KaHel International GmbH start to Cooperate.

2009 February: Newtech start the Marketing and Sales of Mini-Module Refineries.

2009 March: The new Insurance Service starts.

2009 June: Newtech Industrial Group Pty. Ltd. become the Agency Status for two Mini-Module Refineries Producers. The new infrastructure service starts, to offer also the full Turn Key Service by Newtech.

2009 July: The new Construction Service starts, from now on, Newtech can offer all kind of Construction Services worldwide.

2009 September: Start of Pipeline Diagnostics and Cleaning Services.

2010 February: The work on a new Oil Extraction Technology start.

2010 March: Newtech Industrial Group Pty. Ltd. start as Sales Cooperation Partner for Clinic Care.

2010 April: Newtech Finance Services starts as Project Financer for own Projects.

2010 July: Newtech Industrial Group Pty. Ltd. and Euro Gaz sign Cooperation Agreement.

2010 August: Newtech Industrial Group Pty. Ltd. opens a new Representative Office in Singapore.

2010 December: Start of planings for own Refinery Plant.

2011 April: Newtech Industrial Group open a Representative office in Bishket, Kyrisistan.

2011 June: Newtech Industrial Group and Wolf Club sign a Cooperation Agreement on Financing Trades Operations and Projects.

2011 July: Newtech Industrial Group and Conim AG sign a Cooperation Agreement.

2011 October: Newtech Industrial Group and BFA sign Cooperation Agreement.

2012 May: Newtech Industrial Group and Scan Resources (Part of the Scanoilgroup) sign a Cooperation Agreement.

2012 June: Ends of Cooperation with Kahel GmbH, Kahel GmbH are liquidited.

2012 July: Newtech Group and BFA open a Representative Office in Erbil / Iraq.

2012 August: Newtech Industrial Group opens Representative Office in Wandlitz near Berlin.

2012 September: Newtech Industrial Group start as Official Clever House Distributor.

2013 June: Signing of a Cooperation Agreement with China Oil and Gas Gas Petroleum and Chemical Group Co, Ltd. for the developing and build of Refineries and other Projects.

2014 February: Start of Cooperation with Majestic World Gas for the distribution of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG).

2014 May: Newtech Industrial Group Pty. Ltd. sign a Cooperation with World Gas S.A. which are part of the Majestic Group, owned by Sheik Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahjan (Senior Partner).

2014 June: Newtech Group take 5 % on the Shares of World Gas S.A. and handle all negotiations for the supply of LNG for the Group.

2014 August: John L. Cote CEO of JLC Commodity Broker and Trader (an International Hedge Fond) and the Newtech Group sign a MOU to cooperate and finance Projects and Deals.

2014 September: Newtech start the negotiation with JLC Commodity Broker and Trader for purchase of a Refinery.

2014 November: Cooperation between Newtech Group and Posco for the developing, build and Financing of Refineries and other Industrial Projects.

The Newtech Group is prepared for the 21st Century.


  • Newtech Group is working on some cooperation agreements with well established refineries in Europe, the Middle and Far East.

  • Negotiations are currently underway with some established Chinese petroleum companies to enter the Chinese market, one of the fastest growing in the world.

  • Plans are well advanced to enter the South American market as well, where we are already established through our partner Grupo Costa de Sol International S.A. Costa Rica.


  • Newtech is planning to purchase its own refinery and several of its own filling stations.

  • Newtech is also building a network for the challenging market in Africa and can already offer contracts for crude oil. As a next step we will deliver refined products back to Nigeria.

  • Newtech Group is growing, steadily and stably, with a good worldwide network.

  • Newtech not only deals in oil and oil products but has also already started to enter alternative energy projects